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Hard Summer Fest 09 in LA

Hard Summer Fest 09

I was going to do a write-up on which festivals had the best electro representation this summer, but once I came across the line-up for Hard Summer Fest I realized there was no comparison. As you can see above, the line-up is rock solid from top to bottom. Hard holds several different events including yearly New Years Eve, Halloween Haunted Mansions and Summer Fest events along with their numeric Hard series (most recently Hard 13). This year alone the likes of, Justice, Soulwax, Deadmau5, Boys Noize, Diplo, Erol Alkan, DJ AM, MSTRKRFT, as well as many of the names on the bill above, have performed at Hard’s events. They are quickly making a name for themselves with the best electro-house oriented festivals in North America and quite possibly the world.

I have some pretty ridiculous stories from a friend of mine who attended Hard’s Haloween event this year. Apparently from the moment the doors open the huge venue is pulsing with energy. He said the place was packed within the first two hours, to get a sense of the size of the place check this video. Apparently there’s tons of debauchery and hedonism afoot, and the DJs know exactly what state of mind the kids they are playing for are in, and cater to it. If you ever get the chance to go to any of Hard festivals you should make it happen. I am planning on making the pilgrimage soon. Here’s a Fake Blood remix of the headline legends Underworld.

Ring Road (Fake Blood Remix) – Underworld

Ring Road (Fake Blood Remix) – Underworld

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