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If you’re into dance music here in Montreal, you’ve probably been to countless events at the Society of Arts and Technology, everybody’s favourite rave dungeon.  Unfortunately, it looks like that venue might no longer be able to host these kind of jams anymore.  On the first day of ILoveNeon’s festival at the SAT, the Montreal police forced the party organizers to turn the volume all the way down and kill the sub for Flying Lotus’s set (you can imagine how much of a buzzkill that was).  Apparently if the venue gets any more noise complaints, their event permit will be revoked.  As a result, Neon had to move the rest of their festival to the Just for Laughs Theatre.  In the past year or so, similar things have gone down at Main Hall and Zoobizarre (both of which are now closed).  Bottom line is, the venues where we’ve had our best parties and gigs are getting shut down.  I’ve only lived in Montreal for a year, but I can say without hesitation that my favourite thing about the city is its diverse and amazing music scene.  That scene and its international rep are going to suffer if the city starts shutting down staple venues, though.  What we can do is put pressure on elected officials to make sure places like the SAT stay open.  Today, producer Ghislain Poirier released a letter he sent to the mayor on his blog.  I’m going to do something similar, and I encourage everyone else to do so too.

The Mayor’s Info:

Gerald Tremlay
City Hall
275 Rue Notre-Dame Est
Montréal, QC H2Y 1C6

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