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What’s Next for Boys Noize?


Since Alex Ridha aka Boys Noize, burst onto the scene with Oi Oi Oi in 2007, you couldn’t go anywhere in the dance world without hearing about him. The hipster crowd who was just discovering electro-house, quickly took a liking to him. The usually techno leaning city of Berlin, championed him as a home town hero. Ravers, looking for some hope of a revival of the 90s, heralded him as the second coming. With all this diverse support, Oi Oi Oi, along with Justice’s Cross, made 2007 a genesis of sorts for Electro-House.

So how does one follow up such a monumental album? This is a question that has certainly plagued every great artist from the Beatles to Daft Punk. The constant pressure can sometimes make artists change they’re style so much that the result is an album that is merely a shell in comparison to their past greatness. In other instances though that pressure can force the artist to come out with something amazing. This week samples of Boys Noize’s next two Singles, which will release as a double A-side, leaked. Based on these short samples, it seems the unibrowed one, is going to deliver yet again. Give them a listen and decide for yourself.

Starter (Teaser) – Boys Noize
Starter (Teaser) – Boys Noize

Jeffer (Sample Remix) – Boys Noize
Jeffer (Sample) – Boys Noize

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