Undisposable's  debut event in Montreal happened this past Saturday at Apt 200. Big shout out to Cyber69, Happy Boy TonaRue De Bois and Teo Nia + Abele  for running the tables all night. Disposable cameras were passed in the crowd throughout the party and the turnout was amazing. The entire album is right here.


Nianga Niang / Illuminati AMS x SAINTWOODS

Musician, Model and Internet sensation Nianga Niang gave a shout out to the SaintWoods Logo Tee on her Instagram recently.  The shirts just sold out but stay posted, limited re up coming soon. A big thanks to illuminati AMS and Nianga Niang for the love.


Kitsuné Club Night x Soho House Toronto

This past Saturday Saintwoods partnered up with Kitsuné and the Soho House to put on Kitsuné Club Night Episode 2 in Toronto. The night was backed by sounds coming from STWO, WYLN, Memorecks and Birthday Boy and it was a big success. Episode 1 of the series was held at Apt 200 here in Montreal and we are beyond thrilled about the turnout of the second instalment. Click here to see the full album by PartyWithSylvain.